Social Care Assessments, Support Plans and Personal Budgets

What is an assessment?

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Carers’ assessments

To arrange a carer’s assessment, please call 01926 410410 or alternatively, if the cared for person is being assessed by a social worker, the carer can speak to them about how their needs can be assessed and the social worker will be able to offer them information and advice.

If the carer is under the age of 18 and helps to look after a relative or close friend – even if they provide a small amount of care – they are a young carer. If a person is aged 16 or over and provides substantial care on a regular basis to someone who is 18 or over, they are eligible for a carer’s assessment in their own right. If they care for a person under the age of 18, or a disabled child, they should be referred to the relevant children’s team for an assessment.

If you are a young carer, you should contact the Young Carers’ Project directly on 02476 217740 to arrange an assessment or visit

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Self-directed support and personal budgets

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How do I use my personal budget?
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Financial assessment

What does a financial assessment involve?
We will ask you to provide us with information about your income and any capital and savings that you have so that we can calculate how much you are able to contribute towards your care.

If you need to fund residential care, the value of your property may also be taken into account. However, it will not be taken into account in your financial assessment if you are not moving into residential care.

As part of this assessment we will take into account any capital and savings you have as follows:

Capital and savings Contribution
Below £14,250 We will not take these savings into account in the assessment.
Between £14,250 and £23,250 A tariff income of £1.00 for each £250 (or part of £250) that you have between these two figures will be calculated, and this will be added to your income used in the assessment.
Above £23,250 We will assess you as being able to pay the maximum contribution, no matter what other income and disability costs you may have.

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What is self-funding?

If you have been told that you do not currently meet the eligibility criteria for services, or are simply arranging your own support, a list of service providers, including voluntary and independent organisations, can be found on our Warwickshire Directory and within this Guide. This means that you can choose and pay for the kind of services you feel you need.

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Charges for social care and support received in the community

There are costs you can expect to contribute towards local services. For more information, please visit our website

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Reviewing your needs

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