Specialist equipment and changes to your home

Specialist equipment and changes to your home

If you have difficulty carrying our day-to-day activities, or sometimes feel unsafe in your home, specialist equipment or alarms may give you the confidence you need to keep your independence. You may also be able to get changes made to your home to make it more suitable for your needs.

There are many types of equipment and gadgets designed to help you with different daily activities.

Adaptations to your home
Changes can be made to help you do things more easily and safely, for example grab rails (provided free of charge). It may be possible to fund larger items such as a stair lift (with a Disabled Facilities Grant).

Alarms, sensors and reminders
Many items can be bought directly from a supplier. For more information and independent advice contact the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre on 0113 305 5332. There are also medication reminders.

Help with incontinence
Leeds Continence Service provides advice and support: To find the nearest telephone 0800 052 5270 or speak to your GP.