Specialist housing options for younger adults

Are you happy living at home? Would you like a little more independence with help when you need it? What are your housing options? You could:

Continue living with your family – If your home is specially adapted and you receive the practical and emotional support needed, you may prefer to stay at home. It’s also convenient if your college or job is nearby.

Move into supported living accommodation – This offers a level of independence and the chance to meet other people in similar situations. Help from a visiting care assistant is available and usually nursing care is provided nearby.

Rent a place – You can apply for council housing which is usually cheaper than renting privately. There could be a waiting list and you must fully explain your housing needs. Local housing associations may also be able to help. Ask your council housing department for a list. If you want to rent privately, look in your local newspaper for ‘To Let’ advertisements. Housing Benefit, if you’re entitled to it, might reduce your rent.

Buy your own home – Can you afford it? Are you able to live on your own? You could think about ‘part buying’ and ‘part renting’ a place from a housing association.

Move into a care home – If you want to leave home but are not ready to live alone, care homes can meet your personal needs and offer appropriate support. The Council or NHS may contribute if you are eligible and if they agree the care home meets your needs. If your chosen home costs more than usual, you may get some help but you must pay the rest.

As your needs may change over time, discuss your ideas and plans with family or friends.

For further advice and information, call the
Housing and Support Alliance on 0845 456 1497
or email enquiries@housingandsupport.org.uk.