Stay safe and independent at home with Gloucestershire Telecare

What is Telecare?
A service helping you, or your relatives, stay at home safely and independently. Telecare can help people with physical disabilities, memory problems, learning disabilities, mental health conditions and older people. It can help reduce the risk of hospital admission, delay going into a care home, reduce the need for domiciliary care and help you maintain your independence with daily tasks while giving reassurance to carers or family too.

How does Telecare work?
Discreet, simple sensors detect potential emergencies at home like:
• Falls
• Wandering
• Taking medication incorrectly
• Fire
• Flooding
• Carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

The special equipment is linked to a 24/7 monitoring
service. When an alarm is raised a trained operator will help you manage the situation and get you help if needed.

A responder could be a friend, family member or neighbour.
Telecare equipment is simple and easy to use. It can include:

• Fall detectors
• Bed and chair sensors
• Movement sensors
• Smoke and heat detectors
• Medication prompting devices.

It is so discreet once installed you often forget it is there.

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GloucestershireTelecare is delivered byGloucestershire CareServices NHS Trust on behalf of GloucestershireCounty Council.