Staying at home

People who have had a serious health crisis, accident or have just come out of hospital often need support for a short period in their home while they recover. One of the ways we do this is through our Short Term Support Service (STSS). This team works with people to help them regain their independence, skills and confidence. This support will usually be provided for up to six weeks but it may only take a single visit, or support for a few days to get you back to your usual routine. Depending on the person’s needs the service may provide:

  • a rehabilitation programme led by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist
  • support with daily living and personal care tasks such as washing, dressing, or meal preparation. The service aims wherever possible to do things with people, rather than doing it for them, to help them recover their independence
  • arranging pieces of equipment or minor adaptations to the person’s home to help them live safely and  independently.

The team includes care workers, therapists, rehabilitation workers and healthcare assistants. There is usually no charge for this service. However, you may have to pay a charge if the service lasts more than six weeks.