Support and help

Support and help

The Department of Adult Social Services ensures that people in Wirral with social care needs are provided with help, care, support and protection to enable them to live independent and dignified lives at home or elsewhere in the community. To achieve this, the Department works with other organisations to arrange a range of care services to meet people’s needs.

The Department is one part of Wirral Council Services and is separate from the Government’s Department of Work and Pensions (once known as the Department of Social Security), which includes the Benefits Agency and the Child Support Agency.

What help and support are available?
Everyone can get information and advice from the Department of Adult Social Services and many people receive further help. Most of the support provided is aimed at enabling people to maintain their independence in their own home or in their local community and to provide support to carers.

The Department works in partnership with Health and Housing departments and other caring organisations to plan, provide and arrange services. If staff from the Department are unable to provide you with help, they will always try to put you in touch with an agency that can.

Support in your own home
There is a wide range of services which are designed to help you to stay at home including:

  • home care
  • meals on wheels
  • equipment
  • Assistive Technology
  • adaptations
  • daytime activity
  • short breaks
  • supported accommodation
  • extra care sheltered housing

Home care
Home care (also known as domiciliary care or home support) is practical help for people to stay independent at home, in housing with care and supported living. Examples of the sorts of services that home care can include are:

  • personal care – such as help with getting up or going to bed, bathing, showering and going to the toilet
  • food and drink – such as help with eating and with special diets
  • simple treatments – such as help with prescribed medication, reminding you when medication needs to be taken, applying creams and lotions, simple dressings and eye drops
  • personal assistance – such as help with dressing, surgical appliances and manual aids, help to get up and go to bed and getting around your home using a hoist