Support and care at home

Daily support and care

To find out more contact, Oxfordshire County Council’s Social and Health Care team on 0845 050 7666.

The standards you can expect

If you receive support at home from a care agency, these standards will set out what you can expect. If you are a care agency, these are the standards that are expected from your staff and the standards that Oxfordshire County Council will use to monitor the quality of your services.

Home care staff will:

  • introduce themselves when they arrive;
  • know you and your support plan;
  • be trained to deliver the support you need; and
  • always deliver support to a good standard.

When your home care worker visits you, they will:

  • focus their attention on you;
  • be pleasant and treat you with dignity and respect;
  • do their very best to arrive on time and let you know by telephone if they are going to be late;
  • tell you when they are leaving;
  • check to see how they can best support you at the start of each visit;
  • not rush you – they will help you at a pace that suits you;
  • carry out all agreed tasks;
  • make sure that you are comfortable at all times;
  • communicate and discuss topics that interest you;
  • check that you are happy with the support you are given and encourage you to tell us how they can improve;
  • show you your care record if you ask for it; and
  • be aware that their visit may affect other household members.

These standards have been jointly written by people who receive care in their home and home care support agencies.

If you have any compliments, comments and/or complaints about the home support you receive, please contact your care agency; usually talking to someone in the service can put it right.

If not, please contact Oxfordshire County Council by calling 01865 323589, emailing or writing to Comments and Complaints Team, Freepost RRYR-XTBE-GBTZ, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND.

Paying for support and care at home

To find out more visit or contact Oxfordshire County Council’s Social and Health Care team on 0845 050 7666.