Support for carers in Derbyshire

Support available from Derbyshire Adult Care includes:

  • a carer assessment, which is an opportunity to discuss what help a carer might need and to work out what can be done to make life easier for them. A carer assessment can be completed either over the telephone or face-to-face by:
    • Derbyshire Carers Association (call: 01773 743355); or
    • Call Derbyshire (call: 01629 533190);
  • information and advice on a range of local services that can help carers in their caring role, including specific services for carers and how to access all of these;
  • information about care provider services in the local area;
  • information on how to access a break from caring;
  • training to assist carers to care safely;
  • information on how to obtain financial and legal advice;
  • information about carers in employment;
  • information on carers’ support groups; and
  • how to apply for the Carer’s Emergency Card.

Carer’s Emergency Card

This scheme provides carers with peace of mind, so if a carer is not able to provide care due to an accident or emergency, the emergency services will raise the alert that assistance is required for someone. To obtain a Carer’s Emergency Card, contact Call Derbyshire on: 01629 533190, apply online at: or complete the form in our ‘Guide to Carers’ Services’ leaflet which can be found online at: or ordered from Call Derbyshire on: 01629 533190.

Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association (DCA) is the leading carer organisation that provide support for carers in Derbyshire. DCA runs a number of support groups and has local co-ordinators who can provide face-to-face and telephone support. Details are available on the website: or you can call: 01773 743355.

Support for young carers

The Derbyshire Young Carers Service operates specifically to support young carers. The service may work with the young carer individually or in groups, or with the whole family. Support can include activity groups, meeting and socialising with other young carers or information. The Young Carers Service may provide a befriending scheme for those with parents requiring care. They can also help young carers to liaise with other professionals, such as education or health services.


The Young Carers Service is delivered by Action for Children (A4C) throughout the county.

Tel: 01246 207752 or 01332 370430

Short breaks, respite and short-term care

The amount you will have to contribute towards these services will depend on the length of your stay. If your stay is three weeks or less you will normally pay a standard rate. From April 2015, the standard rate is £130.70 per week if you are over pension age, or £80.45 per week if you are under pension age. If you are under 25 years of age the rate will be £65.25 per week.

If your stay exceeds three weeks, you will need to have a financial assessment.

These charges apply to anyone who has capital or savings of less than £23,250. If you have more than this amount then you will have to pay for respite or short-term care charges in full as you would be considered self-funding. However, you are still entitled to an assessment of your needs and assistance with choosing the most appropriate placement.

If you would like information and advice on how to access a short break and do not already receive our services, please contact Call Derbyshire on: 01629 533190 to arrange an assessment. For more information on whether you or your carer might be eligible for these services, visit: