Support for carers in Peterborough

The Emergency Support for Carers service

Our Emergency Support for Carers service is in place to help carers of adults if an emergency arises. It can offer peace of mind by providing a service during such unplanned events as:

  • a carer being admitted to hospital or having other urgent health needs;
  • there being a family emergency (for example, if a close relative is taken ill);
  • there being a risk to the carer’s employment on a particular occasion; or
  • a carer needing to attend the funeral of a close friend or relative.

The purpose of the service is to arrange temporary replacement care for someone who is dependent on a carer for providing necessary care. All carers can apply to register, however, to be deemed as providing necessary care, the tasks performed must be those that the adult could not do themselves without support. If a carer is providing care for an adult who is capable of providing for themselves, then they may not be providing necessary care.

You can contact the Customer Services Team on 01733 747474 to register with the Emergency Support for Carers service or by contacting the Carers Team on

Carers’ information packs

All carers can ask for a copy of the carer’s information pack which contains relevant information and advice for carers. Carers who ask for a carer’s assessment are also automatically sent the information pack as well as a registration form for the Emergency Support for Carers service. You can request a carer’s information pack by contacting the Customer Services Team on 01733 747474.

Carers Trust (Peterborough)

Carers Trust (Peterborough) is a local organisation that is commissioned by Peterborough City Council to provide carers’ services in Peterborough.

Services are for carers of all ages and include:

  • emergency planning;
  • carers’ assessments;
  • award-winning Family Carers Prescription;
  • information, support and training for family carers;
  • groups and activities for children and young people with disabilities and their siblings;
  • support for young carers and young adult carers;
  • flexible breaks for family carers of all ages;
  • carer support groups and social events;
  • carer awareness training for staff;
  • end of life, palliative care and CQC registered care;
  • emotional support and understanding; and
  • a voice for carers.

Carers Trust (Peterborough) also offers a range of support to help 8 to 25 year olds caring for a family member to have a break from their caring role and have fun with other young carers or young adult carers, including:

  • regular groups;
  • help in school/college/university;
  • information, advice and guidance;
  • sibling support;
  • one-to-one support;
  • online peer support;
  • life skills; and
  • training, education and employment.

Carers Trust (Peterborough)
Thorpe Hall,
Thorpe Road,
Peterborough PE3 6LW

Tel: 01733 645234

Dementia Resource Centre

The Dementia Resource Centre offers support to carers of people with dementia, this includes information, advice and direct support services, including:

  • support;
  • one-to-one help for carers;
  • activity groups;
  • advocacy;
  • support groups; and
  • NHS Memory Clinic.

Dementia Resource Centre,
York Road entrance,
441 Lincoln Road,
Peterborough PE1 2PE

Tel: 01733 893853

Carers UK

Carers UK is a national charity that supports carers by providing:

  • an expert telephone advice and support service;
  • financial support;
  • practical support;
  • health advice;
  • work and career advice;
  • a connecting service so no-one has to care alone; and
  • additional resources for carers.

Tel: 0808 808 7777 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm)

Carers Direct

A one-stop information and advice service for carers who look after ill, frail or disabled friends and relatives.

Carers Direct provides information on:

  • Carer’s Allowance;
  • benefits for carers;
  • caring for a child with complex needs;
  • young carers’ rights;
  • assessments, benefits, direct payments, personal budgets and time off;
  • helping to maintain, leave or return to employment;
  • education or training;
  • how carers maintain or improve their social and emotional wellbeing and their physical and mental health;
  • access to health and social care for the person being cared for; and
  • how to access information about, and support from, health and social care services for the person being cared for.

For further information, visit or call the Carers Direct helpline 0300 123 1053.