Support in your community in Swansea

Not everyone who contacts us will need support from Social Services. Many people get the support they – or their carer – need from community-based groups and activities or from services offered by voluntary-sector organisations.

Research shows that people who are involved with, and supported within, their local community are more likely to live independent and fulfilled lives and less likely to need formal care services, even if they are living with a long-term health condition. One of our key aims is to ensure that people know about the social and practical support that is available from voluntary organisations and community groups and have help to access this if necessary. We also have individuals working at local community level who may help you to get more involved with activities in your local community.

The Local Area Coordinators (Swansea and Neath Port Talbot) and Local Community Coordinators (Bridgend) work co-productively with citizens to develop strong, inclusive and vibrant communities. They support people and communities to develop skills and ideas that help them to avoid crises, find practical solutions to everyday issues, stay strong and build a ‘good life’. The whole approach is about developing sustainable solutions with people and communities that will help to prevent issues from reaching crisis point and empowering people to recognise their inherent strengths, skills and abilities and achieve their personal well-being goals.

To find out if this service operates in your area, see your council’s website or ring the enquiry number on 01792 636000.