Support for carers

Support for carers

If you are a carer or are being cared for by another person, and are eligible, Health and Community Services may be able to help you to have a short break. This could mean someone coming in to your home to take over the support of the person you care for in the home for a limited period, or a short stay being organised in a care home.

If you are a family carer, looking after your spouse, partner, parent, friend or relative, you may be entitled to assistance from social services. Ask Health and Community Services for a Carer’s Assessment and, depending on the type and level of support you give to the person you are caring for, their needs as an individual and your needs; you may get extra support.

As part of your Carer’s Assessment we will give you an emergency card with a unique number so if you physically can’t tell us or anyone else what needs to happen, or are too distressed to remember, we can still find all the details you have given us previously.

Hopefully having this card will give you peace of mind. That emergency may never happen, but if it does we can get hold of the people you want to help you, when you really need them.

Moving and handling the person you are caring for may be physically difficult for you; it should be done correctly to prevent injury to either yourself or the person you are caring for. Carers in Hertfordshire offer back awareness training for carers. Health and Community Services has produced a back awareness DVD aimed at carers. To order your free copy please call 01438 844111.

Carers in Hertfordshire
Carers in Hertfordshire aims to help carers take better care of themselves through breaks, leisure and learning opportunities and by ensuring they focus on their own health and wellbeing. They give support and information to unpaid family and friends who look after someone. They provide the space for you to discuss practical and emotional concerns around caring and opportunities to share experiences with others.

Carers in Hertfordshire
Tel: 01992 586969
Fax: 01992 586959

Crossroads Care
Crossroads aims to improve the lives of carers by giving them a break from their caring responsibilities and provide a reliable, tailored service for each carer and the person they care for.

Crossroads Care Hertfordshire North
Tel: 01462 455578 (8am – 5pm) Fax: 01462 452714

Crossroads Care Hertfordshire South
Tel: 0208 213 3190 (9.30am – 5.30pm)

‘Book Your Own Breaks’
Launched in 2010, ‘Book Your Own Breaks’ is an online booking service for carers developed by social enterprise, ‘Slivers of Time’. It is a flexible and stress-free way to book a break from your caring responsibilities. Using the web and a mobile phone, you can arrange care cover without having to handle money or deal with paperwork.

The service can be accessed by people who purchase care privately as well as those who receive support from the local authority. To start you must login using a username and password you can easily create online. You then choose a time you want to book a care worker. The system shows a list of care workers in your area who are available at that time.

You can also click on each care worker’s profile and read about them. You then request the one you have chosen. The system automatically sends a text to the care worker who will confirm the booking by text.

‘Book Your Own Breaks’
To find out more please contact us on any of the following:
Tel: 01462 455 578 or 0208 238 7798.

‘Breakaway for Carers’
This is a free service which enables people who look after a dependent adult to have a break by arranging for a volunteer to take over for a few hours.

‘Breakaway for Carers’ volunteers provide companionship for older or disabled people while you go shopping, enjoy time with friends or family or have a couple of hours to yourself. They are fully trained and vetted by Health and Community Services and have experience of looking after older or disabled people or people who are confused or have dementia.

Volunteers do not undertake personal care, although they will escort people to and from the toilet. They are not able to do any lifting or housework, but will make snacks and drinks.

‘Breakaway for Carers’
Visit our website: to find out more about becoming a volunteer and to download an application pack or register.