Support for carers

Warwickshire County Council has commissioned Guideposts Carers Support Service to provide: information, advice, a quarterly newsletter, training, a listening ear, and group and one to one support. This service also administers the Carers’ Emergency Card scheme which provides emergency contact numbers in the event of carers being temporarily unable to continue in their caring role, for example due to sudden illness or travel delays preventing their return home.

Guideposts Carers Support Service can be contacted on 02476 385888 or you can visit

Young carers

A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who helps look after someone who is elderly, frail, has a physical or learning disability, a serious illness, a mental health condition, a dependency on alcohol or drugs or anyone with HIV/AIDs. The person cared for may be a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, other relative or a close friend.

The Young Carers’ Project ( supports children and young people in their caring role through the provision of:

  • information;
  • advocacy;
  • practical advice;
  • emotional support; and
  • a range of other support services.

Young carers can contact the service themselves or can be referred by their parents or someone who knows them, for example a teacher, social worker or health professional. The project employs experienced, friendly staff who meet with young carers to find out what would best suit their situation. There are regular activity sessions and opportunities to talk about any issues or just have a break and some fun. If you are a young carer, you should contact the Young Carers’ Project direct on 02476 217740 or email