Support from Adult Social Care

Assessing your needs

East Sussex
If you want to ask about an assessment, contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 60 80 191. You can also begin an assessment online at

Brighton & Hove
If you think you have any care and support needs, or you are a carer for someone who does, contact Access Point on 01273 295555 and ask for an assessment. You can also fill in the online application form at 

Call Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 60 80 191 or the Brighton & Hove Adult Social Care Access Point on 01273 295555 for more information about advocacy.

East Sussex Adult Social Care produces a factsheet ‘Who qualifies for our services? Eligibility criteria explained’, which explains more about the national eligibility criteria for carers and adults with care and support needs. You can find this at or by contacting Health and Social Care Connect.

Brighton & Hove City Council has produced a leaflet called ‘Are you entitled to Adult Social Care Services?’ You can find this leaflet by visiting

Personal budgets

East Sussex

East Sussex Adult Social Care publishes a leaflet called ‘Getting support from Adult Social Care’, and a factsheet on ‘Direct Payments’ which provide more information. These are available from Health and Social Care Connect.

East Sussex County Council has a contract with two organisations, PeoplePlus and Possability People, to provide support to people using Direct Payments. For further information, contact East Sussex County Council’s Health and Social Care Connect on 0345 60 80 191 or one of the following:

Charter House, Courtlands Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 8TR
Tel: 01323 414674

Possability People
Montague House, Somerset Street, Brighton BN2 1JE

If you don’t yet have a Direct Payment or would like some general information:

Tel: 01273 89 40 40

If you already have a Direct Payment, contact the Direct Payments Support Service:

Tel: 01273 89 40 50

Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council has a contract with Possability People, which supports people using Direct Payments. For further information, contact Brighton & Hove City Council’s Adult Social Care Access Point on 01273 295555 or Possability People on the contact details above.

Employing a personal assistant

Increasingly, people are choosing to employ their own care workers – personal assistants (PAs) – to give them the support they need. This can give you the most choice, control, and flexibility, about the support you get, who provides it and when.

If you qualify for financial support from Adult Social Care, and you receive a Direct Payment, you could use it to employ a PA. PAs offer support with various everyday activities such as shopping, leisure activities, washing and personal care. They will fit around your needs and your schedule and can support you when it suits you.

Employing staff might sound difficult, but there is plenty of help available. In East Sussex, PeoplePlus or Possability People can help you with everything from finding the right person, to understanding your responsibilities as an employer. Possability People also does this in Brighton & Hove.

This support to be a good employer is free. PeoplePlus, Possability People and some other companies may also offer a payroll service for paying your PA, or they can simply manage your personal budget on your behalf and do all the paperwork for you. There is a charge for this kind of service which you would have to meet out of your personal budget.

If you are paying for your own support, you can, of course, still employ a PA and get help to do that. The Support with Confidence schemes can help you find people you can trust, whatever kind of support you need, to help you live independently. You can also look online for a PA, for example on East Sussex’s online directory, East Sussex 1Space at For Brighton & Hove, visit

There are lots of PAs registered and looking for work in the county on PeoplePlus and Possability People’s PA Noticeboards. You can use these to recruit a PA yourself, or, if you would like support with this, Peopleplus or Possability People’s Direct Payments Support Service advisers can help.

If you have any questions about the PA Noticeboard, contact PeoplePlus or Possability People. Please note, Peopleplus does not operate in Brighton & Hove.

East Sussex
Tel: 01323 466120

Brighton & Hove