Your support plan

Once we have worked out your eligible needs, we will work with you, and maybe with others, to write a ‘support plan’. You will get a copy of this to keep.

This explains how your needs are going to be met by local services, and what those services are trying to achieve. Often the plan will be to provide you with services or support which work towards a specific outcome. For example, you may need help to manage at home again after a period of illness, or you may want to develop practical skills or confidence that will allow you to become more independent and more involved with your local community.

We will regularly review your plan with you to check that it is still meeting your needs, and to see if your needs have changed. This may mean that you get more of a particular service, a different service, less of a service, or no service at all.

If your needs or circumstances change, you can ask us for a new assessment.