Support planning

A Support Plan shows how you are going to use your Personal Budget to meet your support needs to ensure you have choice and control over the shape of your support. This is known as self-directed support. Once you know how much money you will have from the Council to meet your needs (known as a Personal Budget) you can develop your Support Plan. You can develop the plan yourself, with help from your friends or family, with your Care Assessor. You can choose how you present your Support Plan, in writing, pictures or on a CD. If you are using your own money to fund your care, you may also find support planning useful.

The Support Plan will need to consider:
• who will provide the support;
• whether there are any risks – and if yes – how will those risks be managed;
• how will you be sure you remain in control of your
life; and
• how will your Personal Budget allow you to do this.

The Support Plan will also show:
• other areas of support that are available to you, such as community activities; and
• help provided by family and friends