Support for younger adults in Nottinghamshire

There is a wide range of support for younger adults in Nottinghamshire.

These are often available from the community for people with physical disabilities, long-term illness, learning disabilities, Asperger’s, mental health issues and/or sensory impairment.

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself is a good source of information about available support and services in the community.

Nottinghamshire County Council provides a range of support for younger adults with a disability or mental health difficulty who are eligible for social care support. For many services you will need a Care and Support Assessment to determine if you are eligible.

Services include: support to live at home; equipment and adaptations; assistive technology, occupational therapy, Shared Lives and short-term support to promote independence.

You can contact us yourself or get someone else (such as a family member, friend or GP) to do this for you.

Tel: 0300 500 80 80