TechSilver, the leading technology retailer for seniors, introduces GrandPad. An easy-to-use digital tablet specifically designed to help the older generation stay in touch with their loved ones; wherever they are in the world. 

Launching in the UK and Ireland, the latest addition to their range of products aimed at seniors. TechSilver have been working with California-based GrandPad for more than 3 years to ensure the tablet meets the needs of the elderly and their caregivers in the UK. 

Miles Waghorn, CEO and founder of TechSilver feels strongly that although many elderly people have not grown up with technology, there is no need for them to be excluded from its benefits if care and attention is paid to their specific needs. 

“Loneliness and isolation are damaging not just to physical health, but also mental wellbeing. Simple to use technology enables seniors to enjoy a better quality of life through keeping connected with loved ones and the outside world.” 

About the tablet

The tablet and monthly service comes complete with custom-designed apps for seniors. They use large, clearly labeled icons for video and voice calls, photos, email, music, games, news, weather, and online search. The included personalised support means there is someone available 24/7 at the touch of a button to offer advice.

There is also a free ‘companion app’. Which creates a private social network for family and friends to easily have video calls and share photos directly with the GrandPad. Meaning their elderly loved one doesn’t miss out on family moments.

The GrandPad system also has an optional ‘auto answer’ feature. This allows calls from trusted family members within the network to automatically ring through to their older family member. Reducing the need for seniors to fumble with a device to answer. 

Miles Waghorn established TechSilver 5 years ago after realising the elderly were missing out on the safety and connectivity that modern technology brings. 

“GrandPad is a natural fit for the company’s carefully curated senior-friendly products including GPS watches, fall detectors, products for the sight and hearing impaired, simple smartphones and more. Our partnership with GrandPad will help deliver a timely solution to socially and digitally disconnected seniors at a time when they and the world need it most.”

GrandPad – tablet for seniors is sold online: