Telecare is equipment that can detect falls, inactivity, smoke, flooding, gas or extreme temperatures in the home. Sensors are triggered, and an alert is received either by trained operators at a 24 hour call centre, or directly by a relative or carer. Telecare can allow users to remain independent and relatives and carers are reassured, safe in the knowledge that should an incident occur, they will know about it. Some devices can also help monitor particular health conditions and reduce the need for a hospital admission.

Telecare can help restore confidence for people who feel vulnerable in their own homes for a variety of reasons – including living alone, frailty or the need to summon help in an emergency. It could also be as a short-term measure during a period of convalescence. A number of organisations provide telecare services in Northumberland, including the council’s own county wide service, Northumberland Telecare (formerly known as Valley Care). If you would like to find out more speak to your care manager or contact Northumberland Telecare on 01670 827100.