Sensory equipment, Assistive Technology and telecare

Olympus Care Services’ Assistive Technology Team enables customers to improve their independence and safety at home by providing access to a wide range of sensory equipment and assistive technology.

Working closely with customers to manage risks to health and safety in the home environment, finding new ways that everyday activities can be confidently and independently completed.

The Assistive Technology Team can provide:
• 24 hour response technology to enable customers to contact someone in an emergency;
• a wide range of equipment to support individuals and offer reassurance to families and carers;
• specialist equipment to help people with a hearing loss;
• mobility training and daily living skills training for people who are blind or partially sighted; and
• registration and advice and guidance for people who are diagnosed with a visual impairment.

For more information please visit our website or alternatively contact the ACCESS team on 01604 366000 or email: