Telecare and Assistive Technology in Nottinghamshire

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Case Study
Sinead Northey, 18 from Rainworth, has benefitted from a range of alarms and devices to help her become more independent and reduce the support that she receives from her parents, Catherine and Richard.

Sinead has an acquired brain injury, which affects her short-term memory and has given her epilepsy. She carries a sensor that detects if she has a fall and includes a button to raise the alarm if she is unwell. She also has a sensor under her mattress which informs her parents if she is having a seizure.

Her independence has increased with the use of an alarm device, which reminds her of daily tasks such as going to bed and brushing her teeth, and an automatic pill dispenser which prompts her to take her medication.

Catherine said: “The equipment we have been given has made such a difference to all of our lives.

“Sinead’s short-term memory is very poor so I used to constantly remind her to do everyday tasks, which was very exhausting.

“Now she is doing these things with less support, which is great for her independence and self-esteem. She now takes a shower on her own thanks to the reminder alarm so I no longer have to keep checking on her, which affected her privacy.

“I used to have get up throughout the night to check she was OK but I have a greater peace of mind and a better night’s sleep knowing the alarm will go off if she has a seizure.”