The Warwickshire Association of Care Homes

The Warwickshire Association of Care Homes (WACH) represents a majority of independent care homes in the county. The Association is recognised by Warwickshire County Council, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Care Quality Commission and liaises with them on a range of issues aimed at providing and maintaining the highest standards of residential care to the elderly people of Warwickshire.

Our aims are:

  • To promote and encourage the highest level of care for service users within its member homes embracing the fundamental principles of good care practice to improve and sustain service users overall quality of life.
  • To provide support and information to potential service users and their families on all matters relating to care assessment and placement. In particular to maintain our web-based vacancy reporting and information service on
  • To prevent service users from being referred to facilities which are inadequate for their assessed needs.
  • To ensure that the substantial contribution to care for the elderly made over recent years by the independent sector is fully recognised for its quality and cost effectiveness.
  • To represent the independent sector in the formulation, development, implementation and interpretation of community care policies for the county with Warwickshire County Council, health authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Care Quality Commission.
  • To represent members honestly and equitably in accordance with the Government directive ‘Building Capacity and Partnerships in Care’, the new Care Act (taking effect in April 2016) and that the guidelines are honestly applied to the people of Warwickshire.

For more information please contact:

Mike Leyland, WACH,
Linden Lodge, Church Road,
Warton, Tamworth,
Staffordshire B79 0JR

Tel: 07801 863616