The Wiltshire Care Association

The Wiltshire Care Association (WCA) was formed in 1984 by care home owners who were determined to set and maintain standards of care and accommodation in their homes, well above the standards set by legislation in force at that time. Its memberships are now drawn from all sectors that provide all levels of care mainly for elderly persons from Wiltshire and other counties.

WCA gives active support to its membership, advising them on statutory matters such as government regulations, the Vetting and Barring Service (VBS) checks and assisting in staff training and other activities to promote the provision of quality services.

Association members through their elected committee nominees liaise, meet and discuss care related matters with the Care Quality Commission, social services care managers, local authority officers, Wiltshire Council, primary care trust officers, vulnerable sdults units and other caring agencies within the county, talking to them about their first-hand experience on the frailties of some procedures and legislative interpretations. Committee members regularly sit on committees and meetings that plan, monitor, contract and pay for care.

WCA is affiliated to the National Care Association which enables members to have their opinions and experiences discussed and brought to the notice of central government agencies and committees and also keeps all members fully up-to-date on a wide variety of care topics through the six-weekly newsletters.

The last few years have brought an incredible amount of changes to our routines, legislation, training requirements, standards, trading conditions and administration of our homes. Undoubtedly, there are more changes on the horizon.

Membership keeps members informed, up-to-date and prepared for the changes ahead.

Within the care homes and care homes with nursing listings, members are indicated as WCA.

For membership application and an information pack please contact Leslie Williams (Chair) on 01249 653838