Jack Angus, a resident at The Abbeyfield Kent Society’s new Tonbridge care home, Barnes Lodge, was reunited with his sister last week, after over a decade apart.

The last time they saw one another was the year of the new millennium, so emotions were high and there were a few tears when Jack and his sister, Ethel, known to him as Floss, were reunited at the brand new Tudeley Lane care home this week.

Floss’s carer contacted staff at Barnes Lodge to see if a meeting could be arranged for the siblings to catch up. Delighted by the opportunity, staff jumped at the chance to arrange for Ethel to visit for afternoon tea in the Pantiles Lounge.

Accompanied by their niece, Jacqueline, and armed with a number of old photos from their younger days, the pair spent the afternoon reminiscing about their youth and laughing at the faded snaps that held their memories.

Nicola Newman, activity coordinator at Woodgate commented: “We were delighted to be able to help in bringing Jack and Floss back together after what was such a very long time apart. It was lovely to see them chatting and laughing, as though no time had passed at all and it was really wonderful to be a part of.”

Barnes Lodge will be admitting new residents from October, to find out more visit www.abbeyfieldkent.org or contact media@abbeyfieldkent.org/ 01634 729161.