Furley Page Solicitors

Telephone: (01227) 763939
Website: www.furleypage.co.uk
Email: info@furleypage.co.uk

Furley Page recognises that older and vulnerable client’s needs are specific and the law relating to issues concerning them is complicated. The anxiety caused by the unknown is a common problem and one which our specialist team are able to assist with.

We will talk you through things step by step making certain that you understand the advice being given. It is important you have enough time to make a considered decision about your matter and do not feel pressured into a decision you are not completely happy with.

At Furley Page, we make sure one point of contact is arranged to handle all affairs; this reduces confusion and stress. We aim to bring peace of mind by giving practical advice on everyday issues, as well as planning ahead for the future.  All of our specialist team are members of Solicitors for the Elderly.

Our services include:

  • Wills;
  • Advance Decisions;
  • Inheritance Tax Planning;
  • Community Care Advice;
  • Advice on how to protect your assets in the event of your needing residential or nursing care;
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney;
  • Registration of Powers of Attorney;
  • Deputyship Applications;
  • Advice on capacity and consent issues;
  • Advice on Welfare benefits;
  • Protecting Disabled Children

We have wheelchair access and ground floor meeting rooms at our offices in Canterbury, Whitstable and Chatham.

For the deaf and hard of hearing we can arrange for the use of sign language. For those who are unable to hear or speak, we can arrange for an interpreter. For those with eyesight problems we can provide literature in large print and have access to Braille.

Let us know of any special requirements when booking an appointment with a member of our specialist team.  Contact Nicola August or email info@furleypage.co.uk.