Wicksteed Court Care Home is leading on using technology to enhance resident care: embracing CareDocs’ electronic care plans

Wicksteed Court Care Home continues to forge the path using innovative technology to provide the best care to its residents.

Previously Wicksteed Court introduced electronic pet therapy for its residents. The next leap forward in using innovative technology to improve care is replacing burdensome paper care plans with sleek, easy to use electronic care plans from CareDocs. As well as leading to better, more detailed care plans, it also frees up carers’ time; enabling them to focus on care instead of paperwork. 

Moreover, using technology to improve the care provided to residents is a priority. Especially during these difficult times in the care sector. 

CareDocs, an electronic care planning and management software supplier, have worked closely with Wicksteed Court’s care team to ensure a smooth and effective transition from paper care plans to electronic care plans. 

“...only takes a matter of minutes to review and update care plans” and “it’s quick, easy to use and professional. We don’t have to go through the entire folder for just one bit of information. With only one click, we know where to look for information. It’s nice to be able to involve residents with their care plans – using the electronic tablets we can zoom in on the text so it’s easier for them to read it!”

What the care team have reported about CareDocs 

“CareDocs electronic care plans has streamlined care planning and allows our care team to spend more time providing direct care to our residents. Since introducing CareDocs we’ve been able to create more detailed, person-centred care plans for our residents, enabling us to enhance the care we provide. At Wicksteed Court, we champion the use of technology to enhance the care we provide to our residents. We hope that other care homes also embrace electronic care plans.”

Mrs Ritu Mehra, Registered Manager 

Furthermore, a recent survey undertaken at Wicksteed Court Care home revealed that since using electronic care plans, carers felt:

  • It’s quicker to produce person-centred care plans using CareDocs electronic care plans.
  • The introduction of efficient electronic care plans allows for more time spent on providing direct care to residents.
  • More confident about quickly accessing and sharing health information with GP’s, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • CareDocs electronic care plans are more detailed and thorough compared to paper care plans.
  • Electronic care plans are better for the environment due to the reduction in paper use.
  • Overall, the care team at Wicksteed Court prefer using CareDocs electronic care plans.

Our goal is to improve the way care providers operate so both staff and residents benefit from a more efficient service. It’s great to see more care homes implementing digital solutions to help them achieve this. 

We’re delighted to have helped Wicksteed Court Care Home and it’s great to be aligned with progressive care businesses which embrace the benefits of technology. We look forward to a long relationship with them. 

We encourage all care businesses to try digital care management systems. At CareDocs, we pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer support, dedicated training, regular software updates and an out-of-hours help.

Ian Way, Senior Business Development Manager at CareDocs