Volunteering in Bedfordshire

Volunteering can be a positive way to spend time and be involved in the local community. Research shows that the benefits of volunteering can include:

  • A longer life
    Being a volunteer extends your life expectancy, when compared with non-volunteers.
  • Ability to cope with ill health
    Volunteering can help people come to terms with their own illness and help take their mind off their own problems.
  • Meeting new people
    Volunteering is a good way to meet people. This can be vital for older volunteers and people who might be isolated or not particularly integrated into society.
  • Improved family relationships
    A study comparing older volunteers with older non-volunteers had better relationships with their family.
  • Improved self-esteem and sense of purpose
    Volunteering can bring back your self-esteem and motivate you. Improved self-esteem can have an effect on other areas of your health and life.

There are a number of agencies co-ordinating opportunities to volunteer including:

The Council for Voluntary Service – Mid and North Beds
Voluntary and Community Action – Central Bedfordshire
Bedford Volunteer Centre

For more information visit:
Web: www.voluntaryworks.org.uk
Web: www.voluntaryworks.org/service/volunteer-centre-bedford
Web: www.luton.gov.uk/Community_and_living/volunteering-and-voluntary-organisations/Pages/Volunteering@luton.aspx