Welcome to the 2014/15 Isle of Wight Care Services Directory which provides information on a range of social care services for adults which are available across the Island.

We want people to have as much choice and control over their lives as they are able, remaining as independent as possible, living in their own home and communities for as long as they can, safe in the knowledge that they can get the right care and support to meet their needs when
they need it.

When living at home is no longer an option, we want people to be able to find affordable, good quality care to meet their needs.

Many people will be able to get the care and support they need from family, friends and other members of their communities. However, we know that some people will need more help than this, and this is when the Council can carry out an assessment and decide how much it will
contribute towards your care.

The Directory can help you make an informed decision about your care and support by providing brief information about what support is available and where to go for that support. It also provides information that will help family members in their caring roles.

The Directory lists organisations which are registered to provide care, however, we appreciate many of you will have many other ways of receiving support, such as support groups, leisure services and faith organisations.

For more detailed information you can contact People Matter IW (see below for contact details) and they will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide details of organisations that offer a range of care and support to meet all levels of need.

The Directory has been produced with you in mind. However, we know that there are many other organisations on the Island that can give you information and advice on how to live a full and happy life – far too many to mention – but we hope you find this Directory useful and interesting as a starting and future reference point.

Mark Howell
Nominated Director of Adult Social Care &
Head of Commissioning – Community Wellbeing