Welcome from Nottingham City Council

Welcome to this Directory of adult care and support services which has been produced by Nottingham City Council in association with publisher Care Choices.

It aims to explain how you can find the support for your social care needs to enjoy the best quality of life for as long as possible, by guiding you through the care options available. It contains useful editorial advice and comprehensive listings of care providers across the City.

Nottingham City Council’s Adult Social Care Services department is responsible for assessing the needs of, and providing advice and support to older, disabled or vulnerable people in the community and their carers.

By signposting citizens to the most appropriate advice, care and support, we aim to help individuals maintain or recover their independence and promote their wellbeing. The independent and voluntary care sectors are particularly strong in the City, offering a wide range of specialist services in a variety of settings.

Help with support            
Support can mean different things to different people.
For example, you may just want to be able to socialise at a community group or day centre, you could benefit from hiring your own personal assistant to support you with personal things, like having a bath, washing or getting dressed, cooking and eating meals. Alternatively, the benefits of moving into accommodation with care services on-site might suit you – all these options are explained in the following pages.

Paying for care  
If you need advice on care options, you can ask Adult Social Care Services for a community care assessment. Everyone is entitled to one, irrespective of financial circumstances, and they are free.

An assessment may involve someone from Adult Social Care Services speaking to you by telephone or visiting you, either at home or in hospital, to discuss your situation, and work out what help would be appropriate to meet your social care needs. Two assessments are carried out; the first determines what your care needs are, the second looks at your financial circumstances, and defines how much you will be expected to contribute to any care you receive. If you have capital of more than £23,250 you must pay for all care yourself although you may be entitled to claim various state benefits.

Adult Social Care Services also assesses the needs of carers.

Helpful checklists can be found in this Directory. These can be used when considering home care, care homes and residential dementia care services. Take them with you on visits to potential providers as they list important questions to ask managers and staff to help you get a fuller picture of the services on offer.

We hope this Directory goes some way to providing a good idea of where to find the care services you need locally.

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Web: www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/supportingadults