What services are available to help you stay at home?

What services are available to help you stay at home?

Care & Repair
Blackpool Care & Repair Agency provides a wide range of services to older and disabled residents in Blackpool and aim to help you to live independently in your own home in comfort, warmth and security.

Blackpool Care & Repair Agency is a Home Improvement Agency (H.I.A.) and are committed to allowing you as much dignity, independence, choice and control over your lives as possible. They will listen to your issues and provide a detailed overview of their services allowing you to make informed decisions about your home and the services you want from them.

For more information on any of the Blackpool Care & Repair Services, call 01253 651555.

Blackpool Vitaline
Blackpool Vitaline offers a 24 hour link to a Blackpool-based call centre, so, in an emergency, if you fall or have a sudden illness, or if you need advice or support for any reason, a professional team is just a phone call away.

You can join Blackpool Vitaline permanently or just for a few weeks – for example, when your carer is on holiday or if you need extra reassurance when you have just left hospital.

Telecare offers products and services that can prompt, remind and inform people and their carers about things in daily life which need to be done such as taking their medication on time. They can alert a family member or carer that a person has got out of bed at night and needs assistance. Or they may alert a monitoring centre that something has happened and appropriate action should be taken. By pressing a button, an alert is directed to a call centre that will respond instantly to a call for help.

Telehealth technology provides patients with devices at home so that they can collect their own vital signs at home, such as weight measurements, blood pressure and heart function. The information is automatically sent to Vitaline where it is monitored against parameters set by a clinician during an initial assessment.

The devices can support people with particular long-term conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, heart failure or diabetes. This reduces the need for outpatient appointments and alerts nurses and doctors to manage health needs.

For further information on all Vitaline Services including Telecare and Telehealth call 01253 477678.