What support is available?

Shared Lives

For more information, please contact:
The Shared Lives Scheme,
Peterborough City Council,
5 Royce Road,
Peterborough PE1 5YB

Email: sharedlivesscheme@peterborough.gov.uk


Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance is a partnership of organisations, individuals, businesses and community groups working together with the shared aim of transforming the quality of life of people with dementia and helping Peterborough to become a dementia-friendly city.

Peterborough’s Dementia Resource Centre offers residents a one-stop shop for dementia care and support. It is delivered by Alzheimer’s Society on behalf of Peterborough City Council and also includes the NHS Memory Clinic, which is where people are tested for dementia.

The Centre can be found at:
5 York Road,
Peterborough PE1 3BP

Residents can access the service without an appointment to learn more about memory issues and dementia. The Centre is open six days a week including some evenings. The team based there offers advice, information and support in the lead up to being assessed by the Memory Clinic. The team also provides ongoing support to the person with dementia and their carers/loved ones after diagnosis.

The Centre provides a range of support groups and activities for people with dementia and their carers and loved ones, including walking groups, gardening clubs, and arts and crafts groups. Additionally, there are groups specifically for black and minority ethnic communities and people with dementia who are under 65.

For more information about the Centre, or to speak to someone about dementia, please contact the Alzheimer’s Society on 01733 893853.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment teams provide flexible programmes to support people who want to work but are facing barriers to employment due to a disability. They work closely with employers in a broad range of vocations to secure jobs, work experience and voluntary placements in local businesses. These include retail, production, office work, cleaning services and catering. There are also work opportunities in our mini enterprises providing services to businesses in catering, ground maintenance and car washing. For more information, please call our Supported Employment Team on 01733 864654.

Young people and transition to adulthood

When a young person with disabilities or a young carer approaches their 18th birthday, they may ask for an assessment. A parent or carer may also ask for an assessment as the child they are caring for approaches 18.

The assessment will be undertaken by the 0 to 25 Disability Service if the young person has a learning, sensory impairment and/or a physical disability. The 0 to 25 Disability Service works in partnership with a range of local services to provide information, advice and support to help disabled young people develop a transitions pathway and prepare for life as they become an adult. More information can be found on the Local Offer at www.peterborough.gov.uk/residents/special-educational-needs/local-offer

The Voluntary and Community Sector in Peterborough

If you think about everything you need to live an active and independent life, whether this is education, social welfare and care, health, environment, policing, local sports clubs, transport, housing, retail, advice work, employment, faith, arts, playgroups, law and advocacy, social and interest activities to name but a few; you will find a Peterborough not-for-profit organisation that provides work in this area.

Peterborough has a strong, thriving voluntary and community sector. Groups range in size from very small, just three or four people supporting each other, through to large national charities having a base in the city. The diversity of the sector enables us to support thousands of people with their everyday lives.

Supporting this vast network of groups and organisations are paid staff and an army of volunteers. At the heart of the Peterborough Voluntary and Community Sector (PCVS) are volunteers. There are lots of reasons why people choose to volunteer, including:

  • to meet people;
  • to give something back;
  • to learn new skills or keep existing skills going;
  • to build confidence; and
  • to help with the search for employment, which is one of the biggest areas of volunteering today.

If you are interested in receiving support or advice on volunteering or setting up a support group, please contact PCVS on 01733 311016 or, alternatively, email pcvs@pcvs.co.uk

PCVS can also provide information and advice on the wide range of voluntary support organisations and networks that operate across the city.