Will I have to pay?

There is no charge for the ‘assessment’ described on page 4 or for any advice that the council provides afterwards, but unfortunately formal care services are not free. However, it is very important to be aware that the council may be able to help with this.

To determine whether the council can contribute to or pay in full for the formal care that you need, it is necessary to look at your ability to pay yourself. There are different rules for this depending on whether you need formal care in your home or whether you need some form of residential care. If you want more information about this see www.staffordshirecares.info or telephone the Adult Social Care Contact Centre on 0800 561 0015.

If you are not eligible to receive assistance from the council then you can arrange any support that you need yourself, or you can ask a local organisation called A4e to help you (there may be a charge for this). A separate guide is available to help you with this (Practical Guide to Care) – available from the council or in GP waiting rooms.