Will I have to pay for my care if I move into a care home?

Do you have more than £23,250 in capital or savings?

The value of your home is included when assessing
capital unless:
• your partner
• a relative over 60 or incapacitated
• a child under 16 for who you or your former partner have
responsibility live there.

Arrange for a Community Care assessment with Bromley Council to decide what level of care you need. Whichever homes you consider must be able to meet your assessed care needs.

If you do not meet the above criteria, and apart from your property, your savings are less than £23,250, Bromley Council can help with your care costs for the first 12 weeks by way of a ‘Property Disregard’. After this time, any money provided by the Council will be regarded as a loan and will need to be repaid once your house is sold.

Bromley Council will contribute financially towards your care.

How much?
To work out how much you will have to pay, you must arrange a Community Care assessment. This will set out exactly what your care needs are and how they will be best met and your financial situation. Whichever homes you consider must be able to meet those needs. Your choice of care home will be limited to those that accept Bromley Council’s funding level.

If you decide on a more expensive care home option, then you will need to arrange a ‘third party top-up’. You will not be allowed to pay this top-up fee yourself if your capital is below £23,250. If your capital is less than £14,250 and the care home you choose charges fees that are within the Bromley Council’s funding rate, your contribution will be assessed only on your income.If you have more than £23,250 in capital and savings and you do not meet the above conditions, you will have to pay for the full cost of the care home yourself.

Regardless of whether you choose extra care housing, sheltered accommodation, a residential care home or a nursing care home, if you are eligible for support from the Council, then you will be assessed to determine the level of contribution that you must pay. Most people have to pay towards the cost of living in a care home.

There are only a few groups of people who are fully funded and do not have to pay anything toward the cost of their care home fees.

• If you receive ‘intermediate care’ – a short stay of up to six weeks in a nursing or residential care home for rehabilitation to help you keep your independence.
• If your care is paid for by the NHS under NHS Continuing Care – you will qualify for full Continuing Care if your primary need is health-related.
• If you are one of the very few war pensioners who qualify for help from the Veterans Agency under the War Pensions scheme.
• If your stay in a care home is ‘section 117 aftercare’ following a compulsory stay in hospital for mental ill health treatment under certain sections of the Mental Health Act.

Can I get help to pay for my care home?
You will qualify for financial help from the Council if:
• a care manager assesses you as needing care in a care home;
• you have less than £23,250 in savings or capital, and
• your weekly income is less than the weekly cost of
the care home you have chosen, and
• you are a resident of the Borough of Bromley.

What will I have to pay for my care?
With capital between £14,250 and £23,250 you will be expected to contribute £1.00 for every £250.00 you have above £14,250.

Whatever your circumstances…remember:
• If your partner still lives at home, they will not be means-tested. If you have a private pension, only half will be considered when you are assessed.
• Your assessment will be made up of two parts: care assessment and financial assessment.
• A nursing home will generally be more expensive than a residential home offering personal care only.

Consider claiming:
Income support and/or Pension credit.

Definitely claim:
Attendance Allowance, the amount of which is decided on the level of your care needs.
If you are moving directly to a nursing home then you will be eligible for the NHS Care Contribution, the amount of which is decided by your care needs.

Always seek advice:
Independent help is available to guide you through the financial options. There may be a number of solutions to retaining your capital whilst paying for your care. The PayingForCare website: www.payingforcare.org.uk is an independent advice service, which will be able to guide you through the process of arranging your care funding.

Please contact Bromley Council for information on its contribution to care fees:
Call Bromley Social Services Direct (BSSD) on 020 84617777. Minicom: 020 8464 7350.

Figures mentioned here may change over the life ofthis Directory.