What will you have to pay for your care?

Do you have capital or savings in excess of £23,250?
The value of your home is included when assessing capital unless:

  • Your partner or
  • A relative who is over 60 or incapacitated or
  • A child under 16 who you or a former partner maintain still lives there.

Arrange for a community care assessment with your local authority to define your care needs. Whichever homes you consider must be able to meet your assessed care needs.

If, apart from your property, your savings are less than £23,250, your local authority can help with your care costs for the first twelve weeks. After this time, any money from them will be regarded as a loan and will need to be repaid once your house is sold.

Your local authority will share the costs with you.

How much?
To work out how much they will pay, you must have a financial assessment in conjunction with a needs assessment.

This will define your care needs and how they will be best met and also assess your financial situation. Whichever homes you consider must be able to meet your needs.

Your choice of care home will be limited to those that accept your local authority’s funding level. More expensive homes will expect you to arrange a third party to ‘top-up’ the difference.You are not allowed to do this yourself if your capital is below £23,250.

If your capital is less than £14,250, and the home you choose charges fees that are within your local authority’s funding rate, your contribution will be assessed only on your income.

With capital between £14,250 and £23,250 you will be expected to contribute £1 per week for every £250 you have above £14,250 in addition to your income.

Whatever your circumstances …

  • If your partner still lives at home when you go into permanent care, they will not be means-tested (their income and utility expenses are taken into account with short term care). If you have a private pension, only half will be considered when you are assessed if you are passing this on to your partner. However, you will need to consider the effect this would have on any benefit claim your partner makes after your move into care, as it may affect their entitlement to other financial help.
  • Your assessment will be made up of two elements, a care part and a financial one.
  • A nursing home will generally be more expensive than a residential home offering personal care only.

Remember to claim:

  • Income support (if you are under pension age)
  • Pension Credit (if you are over pension age)
  • Savings Credit (if you are over 65)
  • Attendance Allowance (if you are over 65), worth either £53.00 or £79.15 per week depending on your care needs.

Moving into a nursing home?

  • You will be eligible for the NHS Nursing Care Contribution – currently £109.79 per week.

Always seek advice:

  • Independent help is available to guide you through your financial options. There may be a number of solutions to retaining your capital whilst paying for care.

For any enquiries about the Fairer Charging process please contact the team at:
The Fairer Charging Team
Nottingham City Council, Resources, Loxley House,
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Tel: 0115 876 2525
Fax: 0115 876 2923
Email: fairer.charging@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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