Wiltshire Shared Lives Service

Arranges accommodation, care and support to people who are unable to live independently and who would like to live alongside a family.

With a Wiltshire Shared Lives Service placement, you will live in the home of a Shared Lives carer, helping you to feel included and a valued citizen of the community.

These are often long-term arrangements, but can be short-term or as respite. Placements can offer a break for carers, or be used as a stepping stone for someone returning to the community after being in hospital for example.

Some of our carers also provide daytime-only support within their homes.

The people using the Wiltshire Shared Lives Service have a wide range of abilities and support needs. Some are fairly independent and only need guidance, reminders or prompts; others need assistance with most day-to-day activities, which often includes making choices and decisions, as well as help with physical tasks.

Once the Shared Lives team has recruited a Shared Lives carer and matched a person with them, it provides support and advice to the carer and continues to monitor the quality of the service being provided.

A needs assessment is required to ensure that a person’s care or support needs are suitably matched with a Shared Lives carer.

A further financial assessment is made by the council to assess how much each person is able to contribute towards the cost of their placement.

To request an assessment, please contact a Customer Advisor:

Tel: 0300 456 0111

Email: customeradvisors@wiltshire.gov.uk

If you are interested in using the Wiltshire Shared Lives Service, or becoming a Shared Lives carer, get in touch using the details below.

Wiltshire Shared Lives Service, Kennet House, Hopton Industrial Estate, Devizes SN10 2ET

Tel: 01722 438196 or 01380 826451

Email: sharedlives@wiltshire.gov.uk