Working out what kind of support you need

Working out what kind of support you need

A social care worker will visit you, either at home or in hospital, to talk to you and, with your permission, your carer, family, friends and other professionals involved in looking after you. They will help you to work out what you want to do and what help you need to do it. This may be simple and quick or take time depending on your circumstances. Throughout your assessment you can chose to have a relative, friend, an advocate or carer with you to support you.

Everyone is entitled to an assessment – irrespective of their financial circumstances – and it will be free.

Blackpool Social Services supports people to stay as active and independent as possible in their own home, but we can only provide support to people with the highest needs. As part of your assessment, we will work out with you whether you are eligible for services.

If you are not eligible for support from us we may be able to put you in touch with other organisations which may be able to help you. We may suggest a range of other services or support that you can get yourself, which may help to increase your independence. For example: help and advice to maximise your benefits; assessment for equipment from an Occupational Therapist; assisted shopping service, or accessing social activities and support within your local community plus many other options.

If, following the assessment, you need ongoing support from us with your care you will be given a Personal Budget, which will give you greater control and flexibility to plan your own support. We can help you to plan your support and you can choose whether to make and manage your own care arrangements or you can ask us to help you do this.

Will I have to pay for my care and support?
Blackpool Social Services use national guidelines called ‘fairer contributions’ to work out how people should pay toward any services they receive from us. You will be offered a financial assessment to see whether you can get help towards the cost of the care and support you need.

You may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care and support.

What happens after the assessment?
If you are eligible for support, the next stage is to draw up a Support Plan which describes the sort of help and support you want, clearly stating the things that are important to you.

You can write your Support Plan yourself, ask family and friends to help or ask us to arrange for someone to support you to do this.

Once your Support Plan has been agreed by us we will confirm how much money is available to you to spend on your care and support and how long you will receive it.

You can choose to manage the money yourself; or ask someone to help you; or, if you prefer, we can manage it on your behalf. The same applies to organising your care. You can arrange your support yourself; or ask someone to help you; or ask us to do it for you if you prefer.