Young carers in Norfolk

All young carers in Norfolk have the right to an assessment of their help and support needs from the County Council.

A young carer can be anyone aged under 18 who helps to look after or support a family member or friend who is disabled, ill or misuses drugs or alcohol.

The child or young person may help with practical tasks or emotional support for the disabled or ill person or others in the family or household.

It doesn’t matter who they care for, how much, or what kind of care they provide or are planning to provide in the future, if caring is affecting the child or young person’s health, education, friendships or social life, they are entitled to a young carer needs assessment.

Norfolk County Council have a legal duty when carrying out an assessment to not only recognise how the young carer’s wellbeing, health and education is affected by their caring role, but also to consider the needs of the whole family.

This could lead to plans to support more than one member of the family.

A young carer in Norfolk or their parent can ask for a young carers' needs assessment or someone else can ask for it on their behalf.

Contact your local Early Help Family Focus Team to request a young carer needs assessment.

Young adult carers in Norfolk

As a young carer approaches their 18th birthday they are entitled to a transition assessment to ensure they have the information about options, choices and support as an adult. It is important to start this kind of planning for the future well before a young carer reaches 18.

For more information about transition assessments for young adult carers, contact Carers Matter Norfolk.

Useful contacts for young carers in Norfolk

Norfolk’s Guide for Young Carers and Families

Carers Matter Norfolk

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  • Text: 07537 417850

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