You’re in charge in North Yorkshire

Personalised care and support

In the traditional system of social care, professionals made many of the decisions about the support people could have and who would provide it. As a result, people often had limited choice about the services they might receive.

‘Your Support, Your Way’ seeks to replace this old approach of prescribed care, by putting people in control of the support they need to live the life they choose. It recognises that some people can manage their support on their own whilst others need help – from family or friends or people who are paid to help.

Your Support, Your Way

Your Support, Your Way aims to improve the way we work in Health and Adult Services, to provide better services for people who need social care and improve how we work with organisations that provide support. It gives us an opportunity to think more innovatively about how social care services are delivered without increasing the costs.

How does it work?
Your Support, Your Way is for adults who are eligible for social care. It allows you to have choice and control over your life by letting you make decisions about the support that you need. It asks how you want to live your life, what you want to achieve and what support you need to do this. Support to carers can also be given to help them continue to carry out their caring role and to maintain a life outside caring.

Direct Payments

If you are interested in Direct Payments, you can call our Customer Service Centre on: 01609 780780 or email:

It is important to know that, as well as an assessment to determine your care and support needs, a financial assessment will need to be undertaken to determine whether a Direct Payment could be offered to you.