A Perfect PA is just that… a personal assistant who is perfect in every way.

A modern-day Mary Poppins but not for children this time. Someone to talk to, to share life events or daily news, someone who could do shopping, ironing, cleaning, someone who could go to the cinema or pub with you, could take you to meet family and friends, attend clubs or social activities even get you to the church on time. In effect an assistant that is totally personal to you.

We aim to ensure we connect the right individuals and look to continue that relationship with consistency. We will meet with customers initially to talk about how we can assist, we will ask about them, their likes, dislikes – how they envisage their personal Mary Poppins.


We can provide companionship and assistance around the home or out and about. We can introduce you to others in the community or spend time with you doing what you like to do. We have cars – we can drive anywhere be it the shops or a day out.


It can be hard worrying about a loved one you don’t live with and we all have busy lives. We can be your assistant – visiting your loved one and checking they are doing good and are well and happy. We can cook meals for them, do their shopping, cleaning or take them to appointments. We happily report back to you so you can rest assured when you aren’t around someone else can be there for you both. Sometimes it’s as easy as us visiting on a regular basis, to sit and chat, make a cup of tea and listen – sometimes that’s all it takes to raise a smile!


It’s true – life is busier than ever – its official and we all need a bit of assistance at times. Let us take the weight off your shoulders for a while – perhaps a bit of cleaning, ironing or even collecting and carrying, we can give you back that bit of quality time that we all lose during our hectic lives.


More and more of us are caring for our loved ones at home and although we would never change it and will fight to continue it we all need a little down time, even a little ‘me’ time. A Perfect PA can provide you with that. By ‘taking over’ for a while or taking your loved one out for an hour or day we give you the time to recharge your batteries. This is so important for your own wellbeing. This can also give your loved one a new relationship to interact with and possibly the option to experience different places – we can even provide daily living skills along the way if required.

Fees Guide: £18.00

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