You’re 70% more likely to be viewed as an Enhanced Listing

Enhanced Listings are 70% more likely to viewed on the Care Choices website than Basic Listings. There are a few reasons for this, the biggest of which is your position in the Care Choices search function. Enhanced Listings are displayed before Basic Listings, which means if there are 10 Enhanced Listings in your area but 1000 Basic Listings you’ll be more visible than all of those Basic Listings.

Stand out with an image

Make your listing more appealing by including images of your home or service to give potential service users a feel for what you offer. Images boost engagement – across social media, posts with images see 2.3 x more engagement than those without images.

Enhanced Listing

With an Enhanced Listing you get:

  • Prioritised positioning above all Basic Listings – your listing is guaranteed to show in the search results before the basic listings on our site.
  • An in-depth description – a chance to sell your home/service to potential users.
  • A link direct to your website – get active care seekers to your site.
  • Logo & 5 Images –  one of which will show in the search results page.
  • Search Engine Optimised Page – Enhanced Listings all receive bespoke meta descriptions using appropriate keywords.
  • CQC rating – if applicable.
  • Optional in-depth features section offering further detail about the services you offer.

How your Enhanced Listing appears in search results

Enhanced Listing Screenshot

How your Enhanced Listing appears in full

Enhanced Listing Content

Basic Listing

Your Basic Listing contains:

  • Company/House Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Brief Care Type/Location Information
  • CQC Rating

How your Basic Listing appears in search results

Basic Listing Screenshot

How your Basic Listing appears in full