Personal Alarm Watch


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Personal Alarm Watch is the highest-rated alarm service in the UK. They provide a unique personal alarm for the elderly that with the press of a button can get you emergency help anywhere you go. Unlike traditional Lifeline Alarms or Telecare which only works inside your home, the Personal Alarm Watch makes emergency calls whether you are at home, in the garden or down at the shops. It has GPS locating for emergencies and can even track your steps and heart rate.

Press the button once and it shows you the date and time. If you hold it down, it places an emergency call to our platinum accredited 24/7 careline team. You can speak to them directly through the watch. They will work out the best person to contact or whether to send the emergency services.

The Personal Alarm Watch works on mobile networks so it can be used anywhere in the country both inside and outside. There is no installation either, it just works straight out of the box.

Personal Alarm Watch prides itself on its unbiased advice and support through what can be a difficult time in peoples lives. For example, many people choose to get the best key safe and we guide people through that decision without being biased.

Our watch is the result of working with hundreds of people to design the best possible telecare alarm; one that is discreet, can be spoken directly into and that gives you the confidence to get help anywhere, not just at home.

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