The Filo Project

Devon, South West

Telephone: (01392) 982138



The Filo Project offers high quality small group day care for individuals who are socially and intellectually isolated, most of whom are experiencing symptoms associated with moderate dementia.

A day with us begins when clients are collected from their own home by a host. The clients spend the day in the host’s home between the approximate hours of 10am – 4pm.

Group sizes are small, generally a maximum of 4. The intimate home environment is key; no client is subsumed by a large group and confidence is gently nurtured. Moreover, the small group size gives the time and space for people to feel at ease, to flourish and to form friendships.

Apart from having a home-cooked lunch, what occurs in each group depends on who is in a group and what their capacities and personalities are. It is a bespoke service. However, the focus of any day, for any group, is to provide the opportunity for high quality social interaction.