The Finance Care Service

Greater Manchester, North West

Telephone: (0161) 973 5759


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The Finance Care Service provides a daily money management service delivering Financial Advocacy for the vulnerable and/or those unable to manage money.  The Service protects from financial abuse, negotiates with Creditors, claims and provides access to Welfare Benefit entitlements, supports Service Users with how to spend money in their best interests, arranges payments of bills along with qualified provision of monies to Circles of Care.  Acting as a DWP Appointee to improve the lives of those it represents. The service is unique, as Appointeeships are not just setup, left, and then acted upon when needed.  Instead they are proactively monitored and evolve over time. Strategies are put in place to make positive impacts to Service Users’ lives in light of financial status. It is important to note, the FCS is not just an Appointee, instead it works to improve lives and provides hands-on support to Circles of Care. Referrals are made online via the website, phone or email and then setup within 6 hours and filed at the DWP within 24 hours