Finding funding for mobility equipment.

If you need financial help to buy mobility equipment, try these sources of funding for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs

Owning a mobility scooter, wheelchair or powerchair can provide greater independence when living with restricted mobility or a health condition. If you find that walking long distances is a problem, or the risk of you having a fall is high, then using a mobility vehicle could reduce this risk and increase peace of mind – for you and your family.

lady driving mobility scooter down street

With greater confidence in terms of getting around, people often feel more included in society. However, purchasing quality and reliable products may not be within reach of people with limited budgets – hence freedom and quality of life are compromised.

This is where sources of funding, discounts and financial contribution are vital to ensure more people can achieve independence.

Where can I find funding for mobility equipment?

Across the UK, there are numerous charities and organisations offering financial assistance with purchasing mobility products. Each charity has its own criteria and applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis with a view to supporting as best they can.

There are more opportunities for people under the age of 18 through the assistance of children’s charities, however, limited research will uncover a raft of charitable trusts that specifically help adults with mobility equipment.

The funds that are available vary between charities and some only focus on specific areas of the country, but there is a range of choice and opportunities. For example, Parkinson’s the UK provides discounts on TGA mobility scooters and Theraposture adjustable beds if they are purchased through the charity.

lady drives mobility scooter across sand dunes

What charities can help me?

Registered charities that might offer specific funding for mobility equipment include:

MS Society.
Barchester Healthcare Foundation.
Colchester Catalyst.
Friends of the Elderly.
The Hospital Saturday Fund.
Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts.
The Joseph Patrick Trust.
The League of Helping Hand.
Margaret’s Fund.
The Mobility Trust.
Steve Morgan Foundation.
Wheels for Martin’s Friends.
SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force Association.)
Caudwell Children.
Family Fund.
Boparan Charitable Trust.
Newlife – The Charity for Disabled Children.

Where else might I get mobility equipment funding?

Product specialists can also provide you with useful contacts, such as TGA Mobility – as seen in their #FundMyFreedom campaign.

In addition to registered charities, the Government can provide funding through schemes such as the Access to Work scheme.

Access to Work is a programme aimed at supporting disabled people, aged over 16, to take up or remain in work. It is a discretionary grant scheme that provides personalised support for disabled people and can fund assistive equipment such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs and powerpacks.

Funding doesn’t affect other benefits and Access to Work is only applicable to people who met certain criteria in England, Wales and Scotland.

See Staying independent at home for more advice and information on things you can do and services that will enable you to remain active for longer.